Naturopaths understand that the food you eat is the foundation for your health. Food and our relationship to food is an integral part of our emotional state and physical body.

Implementing a healthy diet is often the first step towards addressing health problems. Many medical conditions can be addressed more completely by taking in to account food and digestion. Accredited naturopaths may recommend specific foods or diets to address the overall wellbeing of the client.



Plants were our original forms of medicine used historically and many pharmaceutical drugs used today have their origins in plant substances. Naturopaths are knowledgeable in the use of herbs to regulate health. Accredited naturopathic programs train their students to use herbs in a researched manner, taking in to account drug interactions and photochemistry, while still holding on to the traditional wisdom in using whole plants to support health.



Homeopathic medicines are extremely small doses of natural substances that stimulate the body’s healing response without side effects. This gentle form of medicine has been around for over 200 years and is based on the principle that “like cures like.”



Supplements may be recommended to support condition or nutritional deficiency. Analisa does not personally sell any supplements in her office and does not have any ties to nutriceutical companies. She may recommend a product for the client to purchase on his or her own, but always focuses on nutrition and optimal digestion prior to supplementation.  



Mental and emotional balance is an integral part of health and disease. Naturopaths are trained in health coaching, motivational interviewing and stress management to support the whole individual.