Local is the Bee's Knees


WHY? At farmers markets, community members can learn about seasons and sustainable farming practices by getting to personally know the people who grow their food.  A lot of people think that buying organic has to be expensive, but it doesn't. Stay away from the junk at the grocery store that you don't need and budget for a bag full of goodies at the farmers market each week.

Prioritize your health. You'll save money and feel great. 

Some of my favorites at our local Beaches Green Market :

  • Local and Organic Veggies from farms such as KYV farm in St. Augustine
  • Alex's Fresh Bread where I get to see my lovely friend Natasha. My favorites are the sunflower and rosemary garlic...yum
  • Fresh eggs and bulk breakfast sausage by Moore
  • The tea booth where I swooped up an iced raspberry-pomegranite tea with strawberry syrup this weekend
  • And of course...the fresh-made grain-free dog treats where our pup can jump on the table and try any flavor of her heart's desire

In addition, there are soaps, body products, natural pest options, hot food, fun cheeses, local honey, fresh cut flowers and all sorts of seasonal treats. 

The Beaches Green Market aims to "empower through education and awareness, thus allowing people to make active decisions towards the betterment of their personal health, that of their families and the planet as a whole."

Google search your local market and fresh food options. Nothing in your area? Start one! It builds community and lots of smiles. Make a buzz!


- In early-morning-bird-songs and coconut-cream-in-my-coffee kinda love,

Analisa, N.D.