Bladder Chatter: Interstitial Cystitis

Bladder pain? It may be a common condition categorized as Interstitial Cystitis

What is it? UpTo Date defines interstitial cystitis (I.C.) as "chronic bladder pain in the absence of an identifiable etiology."

In summary, conventional docs don't really know what it is, what causes it or what's the best way to manage it. There is no cure, only management of symptoms, and we all do agree that chronic bladder pain can be a debilitating condition that can dramatically impact quality of life. 

Do you know that accredited naturopaths can help? We didn't get slammed with 4 years of full time classroom and clinical doctoral degree training focusing on the integration of natural and conventional therapeutics to send someone home without answers. We work alongside your primary care provider (MD, DO, etc.) to educate you about your body and to find the route of the problem for personalized relief. There are tons of recommendations for I.C. including reducing inflammation and discovering symptom triggers. We may work with you to reduce food irritants, clean up your diet, cut out some of your supplements that may be causing irritation, add in some others for relief and to ultimately help support the bladder in maintaing balance.

Interested or know someone who may be? Spread the word and send them our way. 

Wishing everyone happy healthy bladder and kidney health,

-Analisa Jahna, N.D.

Jem Magbanua

Jem Magbanua