What's in Your Weekend?

After a busy week of unpacking from the huge move from Oregon to Jacksonville Beach, Florida, I had my first day of alone-time. My husband left for a festival at Black Fly and what did I do? Not much...and it was perfect. I boycotted cleaning the new house and unpacking boxes. Instead, I went for a short run to wear out my energetic puppy, then got home and switched on Lia Ices Pandora station to roll out my yoga mat. After some much needed re-grounding stretching I took long hot nourishing shower (ya know, that rare shower where you reeeeally have some time to enjoy it and get clean.) Then, I pulled out the stinky Kim chi that my husband doesn't prefer and made a yummy smoked salmon spinach salad. By the time that the puppy woke up and my husband pulled in the drive, my toes were painted and I was in a sunshiny energized mood to take on the rest of the weekend chores :)

It it all sounds pretty basic, but wow...a few things as simple as this and I feel like a brand new woman! Just a reminder to all to take the time to slow down and take care of yourself every now and then when you have that window of time.

-Analisa, ND