Natural Springs

I want to encourage you to seek out natural springs in your home state or when on vacations. One of my favorite teachers, Cascade Anderson Geller, encouraged her students to plan vacations around destination adventures such as hot springs dipping. Natural springs are all over the world and can really transform a day in to a magical healing spa adventure ;) So, get out of the house or hotel room and explore your area! Y.O.L.O. (oh yes I just did...)

You get all of the health benefits of soaking in mineral-ritch waters all while grounding out and relaxing in nature. Google-search springs in your area.

(Of course, check in with your doctor before dipping in hot springs if you are pregnant, elderly, have cardiovascular problems or other serious illness.)

Oregon Hot Springs

Yours in happy dipping (and soaking and jumping and swimming),

-Analisa (Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine in 1 Month!)