What's in your rainy day?

I've grown to really love days like today where the skies are grey and the rain is light. Years back when I moved to cloudy Portland, this sunshiny-Florida-gal dreaded the rainy Winters. After spending 4 years there, however, I grew to really love it. Dreary weather forces me to slow down and focus on the things that are harder to face when it's sunny, happy and busy out. Bundle up, drink tea, eat soup, slow down and sometimes...don't worry about being sunny and cheery all of the time. Whether its getting home from work, ordering take out for the kids and calling it an official weekday movie night, or maybe taking time to make a home-cooked meal with Pandora serenading you in the background, or maybe what you need is to have a glass of wine and cry it out with a girlfriend, or cancel plans all together and binge on a good book for the night. Whatever it's normal and healthy to have some down-days to reflect on your feelings and embrace all parts of your mood. 

Respect yourselves and learn all parts of soul. It makes life that much sweeter. 



Today is a day of

dark clouds and slow rain, 

The little blades of corn

are so happy. 

- Mary Oliver


In cozy sweaters, hot showers and steamy mug snuggles,

- Analisa, N.D.

Photo by Keith Novosel in Ocala National Forest

Photo by Keith Novosel in Ocala National Forest