Kale Massage

As the weather cools down I've been having a little trouble getting down my raw greens. This is the time of year that I crave warm, cooked and easily digestible veggies. It reminded me to get re-inspired with some kale massaging techniques. Massaging kale really helps break down the plant fibers and makes it a bit easier to digest. Your jaw and your tummy will thank you. 

Click HERE for some fun Kale-Massaging-Recipes from nutrition stripped for vegan caesar, root vegetable and cobb salads.

Photo NutritionStripped.com

Photo NutritionStripped.com


1. Remove kale leaves from stem

2. Pour 1 tsp olive oil on to hands

3. Massage kale for 2-5 minutes while breaking up the leaves in to bite-manageable pieces

4. Stop when leaves are softened to desired consistency. Leaves will turn more vibrant green.

5. Add toppings and toss 


What additional things can we do to improve digestion? To name a few:

- Bitters before meals

- A high-quality probiotic supplement or fermented foods

- My fav food hygiene tips such as belly breathing, good company, and of course...chewing  :)


In Sunshine and Cozy Tummies, 

Analisa, ND