The Low Down on The Down Low


Yes, this post is going to approach the oh-so-uncomfortable topic about women shaving "down low." In a recent write-up from Dr. Jessica Black, ND she discussed the correlation between bikini shaving and recurrent vaginal infections. Hair down below is the body's natural way of protecting your lady bits and keeping the harmful bacteria at bay. When women shave off 100% of that protection, they may be more likely to have an abnormal growth of vaginal flora and therefore recurrent vaginal infections (yeast, bacterial vaginosis etc.)

WHAT NOT TO DO: A completely shaved area with tight-fitting synthetic undies and snug all-day workout pants is not a good combination.  

WHAT TO DO: It's okay to trim around the edges and if you do trim all-the-way, trade in synthetic under-roos for cotton. Change your clothes after you workout and make sure to wear loose-fitted clothing or go commando from time-to-time.


Yours in bikini wellness, 

Analisa, ND